Hello, My Name is

Ashish R Bhandari

I am a Security Engineer, who loves to explore Softwares from different angles (Security, Frontend, Backend), I keep on improving my skills by reading, researching and developing (small projects), i try to learn the concepts in a way that i can EXPLAIN it to others. This helps me to increase my Knowledge & Experience.

#Troubleshooter #Application Secuiry Engineer #Teacher #Learner

Skills Overview

My Skills includes Security Testing, Backend & Frontend, I try exploring softwares and understand how they are created as this helps me keep on thinking and understanding new approaches and learn it by exploring my way. I do not call myself a expert in Frontend or backend Domain, But i am aware about Technologies used, how they work, where they are used, why are they so popular and should be able to work with it.
My Most Important Skill is to understand and troubleshoot problems.

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Web App Sec

I have been Working as Security Engineer @ SafeSquid Labs which provides Secure Web Gateway Solution.
I handle the Tripe T part i.e #Testing, #Troubleshooting & #Training.

My Work includes: #Product Testing (Software & Security), #Handle Product Demos, #Product Installation & Setup, #Client Policy Creation. More About Me

  • Web Testing Product Software & Security Testing
  • Proxy Networking
  • Secure Web Gateway


Frontend + Backend

I keep Exploring things from both Frontend & Backend, to understand how the Application works, how it retrieves resources, which framework or library was used to develop it.

I am comfortable with Linux OS and mostly work with them. I install, configure & troubleshoot softwares on Linux. I have developed projects in Python,NodeJS,Bash Scripts etc. More About Me

  • Python Bash NodeJS Java
  • Linux Scripting
Soft Skills

Soft Skills


I have been helping customers to setup security restrictions, troubleshoot & debug problems, provide them with solution explanation and i love doing this. I have been helping friends & colleagues in developement, helping them understand concepts & debug their problems.

I love helping others on stuff which i know or i am capable of doing. More About Me

  • Troubleshooter Helper
  • Quick Learner Networking
  • Good Observational Skills
Detailed Skills

Awards & Laurels Overview

I always try to explore something new, try to learn concepts from a different angle & perspective. Online Learning and CTF Platform is where i am mostly consumed and other such learning platform help me learn new things.



I have helped few clients professionally and personally, and also alot of friends, below are the few responses i have received

#Good Teacher

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I have worked with below Organizations and loved what i did for them